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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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has something changed? >> there's going to be a lot of hot trump action that day in florida. at least keep your beeper on. >> i will do that. thank you, rachel. a woman who was a participant on donald trump's show "the apprentice", will join us tonight and tell us what she heard and how she felt behind the scenes with donald trump, but first, does anyone know exactly where johnny knoxville is tonight? because it sure feels like he's running the trump campaign. >> i don't think i'm that outspoken to be honest with you, bill. >> oh, come on! >> he's attacked paul ryan. >> he's attacking john mccain. >> john mccain who has probably the dirtiest mouth in all the senate. >> i don't know what good it does to trash people. >> he's running an ad. >> north korea threatening, isis on he rise. >> it's like apocalypse now. >> you're watching the split of the republican party.
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i think it's important that we let trump be trump. >> i'll compare my iq with anybody, okay? >> i think it's in his best interest, the party, his family, that he withdraw. >> why'd it take so long for some of them to finally walk away? we saw this coming. >> locker room talk. if that's what it's going to take to lose an election, that's pretty sad. >> he's going to transform himself? i'm 55, i know it's hard for me to change. at 70, it's harder. this is the last word on campaign 2016. today at 8:16 a.m., the trump campaign became the jackass campaign. it was the series created by johnny knoxville that appeared in 2000 to the delight of every teenage boy in america. the show was a hit, and they managed to turn it into a few jackass movies. the tv series and movies were a bunch of guys not much older
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than teenagers doing crazy and dangerous things just to get our attention. they weren't trying to win emmies. they weren't trying to win respect. they weren't trying to win anything. they were just trying to have fun. their kind of fun. reckless, destructive fun. and that's why the trump campaign is now the jackass campaign. >> hello, my name's johnny knoxville, and i'm about to end this movie. oh! >> what? >> donald trump is both the
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johnny knoxville and the stevo of the trump campaign. like johnny knoxville, he is the star of his campaign and the creator of his campaign. but johnny knoxville himself often avoided being the victim of their truly horrible stunts. when it was time to put someone in a fully-loaded port-a-potty and turn it upside down, that was stevo's job. stevo was the one who came out covered in the contents of the port-a-potty while johnny knoxville stood there laughing at the rest of the guys. it is now donald trump covered in the contents of the port-a-potty that steve bannon and others have turned upside down. they are laughing at the republican party just as much as johnny knoxville laughed at everything stevo did. and it will be steve bannon and
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kellyanne conway and the rest of the gang at trump tower who will be laughing at the sidelines when trump gives his concession speech. but then again, steve bannon and the guys might decide it's even funnier if donald trump never gives a concession speech, never admits to losing, no one's ever done that. and that's all the jackass guys had to hear, no one's ever done it. and that's where we are. the campaign war room has a list of what to do next. and it is simply a list of everything that no one has ever done in a presidential campaign, no one who is actually trying to win the presidency. so they get in fights with the presidential debate commission about who can sit where at the debate. the debate commission has never been ina fight before, but the
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jackass guys have never run a campaign before, and no presidential candidate has ever gone the in fights with his or her party in washington. donald trump has done that repeatedly with paul ryan, and today was the final explosion. if you thought the final explosion was yesterday, when paul ryan said he would not defend donald trump or campaign with him, you were wrong, because of course the jackass boys were not going to let paul ryan have the last word on that. and so, at 8:16 a.m., when donald trump was no doubt out of bed, surrounded bit jackass gang looking over his shoulder, he tweeted, despite winning the second debate in a landslide, ever poll, it is hard to do well when paul ryan and others give zero support. of course, there is no real poll showing donald trump winning the second debate. all the real polls show donald trump got trounced again in the second debate.
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cnn says hillary clinton won 57-34. nbc says she won 44 opinion 34. at 9:05 a.m., johnny knoxville, i mean, donald trump, tweeted our very weak and infective leader paul ryan had a conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty. only one person is going to be the next speaker of the house, paul ryan or nancy pelosi. the president will have to deal with one of them in the house, and that speaker will be able to control every piece of legislation voted on in committees or on the floor of the house. you cannot pass anything in the house of representatives without the speaker of the house. the other thing no one in the jackass campaign understands is that the only congressional parliamentary procedure that is actually specified in the constitution is that all tax legislation must begin in the house of representatives.
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donald trump has some ideas about taxation. and if he is president, then nancy pelosi is speaker of the house, he won't get one vote, and if ryan is the speaker, it will be dead on arrival. in fact, everything donald trump has talked about that he would like to do as president is dead on arrival in washington now. even bill o'reilly seems to understand that. almost understand it. >> you're going to need mccain, and you're going to need ryan, you're going to need these guys. >> they'll be there. they'll be there. >> you think they're all going to cooperate with them after you are trashing them? >> i get along, i know you don't believe this. >> donald trump used the worst choice of cliche he could have
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possibly have chosen to describe how he feels about john mccain. >> he was begging for my endorsement. >> i know -- >> but his friends are calling. and then the first sign of a little bit of difficulty he unendorses me. i wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people, that i can tell you. >> mccain's a brave man. >> by the way, including ryan, especially ryan. >> i got that. >> donald trump is like most of us. he wouldn't want to be in a foxhole at all, with anyone. he never has been in a foxhole, not in basic training in the military, not in war. john mccain served honorably and bravely in the war of his era while donald trump spent his nights in new york nightclubs, john mccain spent his days and nights as a tortured prisoner of war in vietnam. the one thing, the one thing donald trump said today that you can believe is that he wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with
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john mccain. joining us now, rick wilson, republican strategist and contributor to heat street, and deborah packer, and a msnbc contributor. katie, just when you think they cannot get crazier, they find a way. >> it's really unbelievable. i mean, i thought i had seen everything from the trump team. i've never seen a republican nominee openly attack the republican speaker of the house who has approval ratings among republicans about twice as high as his. it's unbelievable to me, and paul ryan is just one of the best men i've ever known in politics. and his patience with this is, is admirable. but i don't know how long it's going to last. >> let's listen to more of what donald trump said on o'reilly tonight about paul ryan.
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>> the fact is that i think we should get support, and we don't get the support from guys like paul ryan. he had a conference call yesterday with congress men, with hundreds of them, and they practically rioted against him on the phone. one person stuck up for him. so i'm just tired of non-support, and i don't really want his support, if he calls now, this happens all the time. if you sneeze he calls up and announces. i don't want his support, i don't care about his support. >> rick wilson, this riot on the phone is something apparently only donald trump knows about. >> apparently so. i've talked to a couple members who were on the call, and while apparently, there were a few people that were a little testy, it was hardly a riot. and donald trump's leaving off the most important part. although paul ryan is saying he backs trump, he gave his members a free pass to run like hell. and many of them are in a posture right now where they're waiting for the next shoe to drop, which we know it will.
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and we're waiting for the next, we nomad cap trumpism to put them all on the spot, whether he's joking about rape or sexual assault or whatever he's going to do next, these guys from nervous as hell, and they recognize he's dragging the ticket down very severely now across the country. >> in one of his crazy tweets this morning he said it is so nice to have, the shackles have been taken off me and i can now fight for america the way i want to. [ laughterkatie, none of us real those shackles. it's hard to imagine even what he thinks he's talking about. >> this is a guy that maybe didn't get enough spankings when he was a kid. but he never learned to take any responsibility for his own actions. i think if he sneezed paul ryan would say god bless you. but the guy basically bragged about sexually assaulting women and i expects paul ryan and the rest of the republican officials
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and candidates on the ballot to sit there and pledge their loyalty to him? he's insane. that's the only explanation for this. he's insane. >> let's listen to mike pence today about their party in crisis. >> paul ryan is my friend. but i respectfully disagree. it's important to let trump be trump. >> is the party in crisis? >> i think the country's in a lot of trouble right now. >> but republicans fighting republicans in this race? >> i don't find myself thinking a whole lot about party right now. >> that last line sounded true, that he doesn't find himself thinking about the party right now. >> no, he's thinking about the trump party, and that's a party he's a member of now. and unfortunately, that's the party that many, many people who endorsed donald trump are going to be stuck with going forward. he's killed the republican neither a lot of meaningful ways. he's driven a lot of republicans
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in good faith away from the party. he's hurting the down-ballot races pretty severely now. it's gotten to be a very difficult position to be in. mike pence, i feel for the guy. you can see the look on his face, he knows he's lost his soul, and he knows it every minute. and he knows trump can find something more embarrassing. i wouldn't be surprised if trump walked outuck-naked except for a gold speedo, >> let's listen to what rush limbaugh said about this crisis in the republican party. >> they're ignoring their own voters. trump is winning not because of talk radio. trump is winning because people that vote republican have been let down and disappointed one too many times. and they're, their instinct is being borne out here. the republican party is not interested in winning.
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it clearly is not interested in winning. it, and if you want to even be more specific than that, it is paramountly obvious, that they're not even interested in defeating the democrats. >> katie, twice there, rush limbaugh said trump is winning. now which one of us is going to tell rush that trump actually is not winning? >> well, if all you read is breitbart and drudge, trump is winning, because that's what they keep telling these guys. he's just as delusional as the rest of them. he's not winning. he's badly losing. i saw trump down 30 to 40 points with women, a group that mitt romney lost by 12 points and still lost the general election. these guys don't understand the problem that is on their hands. and their problem is not the establishment republicans. the reason that they're not winning is their candidate. their candidate that's driving the kinds of voters that they need to win general elections
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into hillary clinton's arms. >> and rick, when you hear, that video, when you hear rush limbaugh saying trump is winning, that has to be the kind of talk that's gone on inside trump tower. >> well, look, i mean, steve bannon and the crew that are around donald trump right now, you know, it's almost too ripe to be parodied with the classic hitl video, because these guys are telling him one thing and he is going out there and acting on it and it is completely divergent from reality. this is a guy who's about to get beat like a rented mule, and he doesn't understand it. and i think guys like rush actually being i have cynical, they're trying to set this thing up so they can say to their audiences in november, oh, it was stolen from you by the evil rinos. they're the ones who hurt donald trump, they're the one hostage this away from him, when it is rape aficionado, donald trump and groper in chief donald trump
10:16 pm
who says things, does things and believes things that are repugnant. >> i have a new saying for the donald trump campaign, what would johnny knoxville do next. >> thanks, lawrence. >> participants on the "apprentice", witnessed donald trump's behavior on the set. there are a lot of rumors about what was said on the set, what might be hiding in the video vaults of that show. a woman who was a contestant will tell us what she saw and experienced with donald trump behind the scenes. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to places like... this... this... or this. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices.
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the "access hollywood" videotape of donald trump on the bus has done more to damage the trump campaign than anything else that has come up during his campaign, and there is a lot more video out there in different vaults, video vaults
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in hollywood and elsewhere. up next, a woman who was behind the scenes with donald trump at his tv show. one of the contestants on his show will tell us about what she witnessed with donald trump. i'm worried i can't find a safe used car.
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come on, people! come on. this isn't an audition for, like, some show. this ain't a show. >> that was the president campaigning for hillary clinton in north carolina today. the show that donald trump used to star in might now be the most dangerous thing in his past. after the "access hollywood" video was revealed last week showing donald trump bragging about sexual assault, a former producer of donald trump's show "the apprentice", tweeted, i assure you, when it comes to the trump tapes, there are far worse. buzz feeds reports that a former sound engineer for "the apprentice" said working for donald trump was the most abusive, experience of my 15 years as a sound engineer. buzz feed reports that the engineer who is white and asked
10:22 pm
to be anonymous was a sound mixer for two seasons in 2004, 2005. trump refused to speak to him directly, instead aiming all his comments to his assistants. i'm not going to let this f-ing money touch me unless he washes his hands. then he escorted him to the washroom and watched him wash his rooms before walking him back and telling him he washed up. this comes after the associated press spoke to more than 20 people who worked on "the apprentice." in one case, a former crew member said we were in the boardroom one time, figuring out who to blame and he said you'd f her, wouldn't you? i'd f her. come on, wouldn't you?
10:23 pm
everyone is trying to make him stop talking, and the woman is shrinking in her seat. last night, donald trump had this to say about the possibility of more videos coming up. >> if they want to release more tapes, saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. there are so many of them, folks. >> joining us now, taura, who was a contestant on the third season of "the apprentice." we just heard donald trump say if they want to release more tapes. we all have the feeling that he thinks there are more tapes. >> he knows there are more tapes, because donald trump knows what he said in the past. he knows his behavior, particularly because it's been consistent. he's been saying lewd, inappropriate, vile things his whole career. when i was on the show, i heard a lot of rumors. i will say in the interest of disclosure, i was not personally someone who he came to and used
10:24 pm
this kind of language with. it did not happen to me. i don't know why that was. i don't know that perhaps i worked for the governor new jersey and he did business in new jersey. >> so when were you a contestant on the show, you worked for the governor of new jersey. >> i had worked for the governor of new jersey. and i had met donald trump in that capacity. and i was with an agency that was important to him and many people, so i think that may have played a role as well. but i heard a lot of rumors of him saying extremely offensive things to women on the show. and what we know about donald trump, is where there's smoke there's a gigantic forest fire. you're watching that video, what were you feeling when you were watching that video? >> i was shocked that it came out, because he managed to suppress it for so long. so i thought it was very interesting, but it did not
10:25 pm
surprise me in the least bit. i was glad it came out, because it took more of the mask off of donald trump. i say the mask. one of the things people don't realize about donald trump is that he can be very charming if he wants to be. he can be focussed if he wants to be. if it's something that he cares enough about. so he can be a master manipulator. that's what makes him a strong, unfortunately, a marketer. and so i think one of the things that he's been able to do with certain people is to pick and choose who he uses what language with, and who, based on the audience, and that is the definition of predatory behavior, looking at certain women, testing the waters, making a decision as to whether or not he's going to harass them or not, whether he's going to do, you know, what he does or not, and so i think that's one of the things that has allowed limb to get away with so much for so long, even with all the information out there is that he can at times, when he wants to be, be charging and focussed. >> so in that video, you see those two faces. you hear the guy on the bus who
10:26 pm
basically says i can do sexual assault whenever i feel like it. and then we watch him get off the bus, and we watch the way he deals with that woman when he gets off the bus, which is different from the way we heard him describe how he can do these kinds of things. >> exactly. and that's what i saw with donald trump. with me, he was much more professional, again, i don't know if it was because of my position or because i was african-american, frankly, that could have also been a reason. but as far as his behavior is concerned, this is consistent. he identifies people. he's very good at reading people. people should not underestimate his ability to read people. that's why he's doing so well with the republican -- >> vulnerability in particular. >> exactly. that is why he's doing so well with the republican party base. he saw earlier than the party itself saw that this, that there was such a racial component to the animus against president obama. he read that. he saw it as an opening at a time when the show, the "apprentice" was waning. that was the most successful
10:27 pm
thing he's done in his life is "the apprentice." that's it. because we now know he lost $1 billion in one year. we know all these things. that was his gravy train. that launched him to the global status where he is now. that was all going away around the time when he jumped on the birther bandwagon. and i think i read the republican party base. he saw and was able to connect with them and has continued to connect with them, and he has them wrapped around his finger. >> what about racist comments by donald trump? >> i did not personally hear anything, but randall pinkett said that he referred to him as lazy. randall pinkett has a ph.d. went to m.i.t. that's hardly someone who would be referred to as lazy. so we know the racial components there. he's also on the record saying blacks are lazy. and even as far as i was concerned, one dynamic that i did feel was that there was an expectation for me to comport myself a certain way. i felt they wanted me to be more
10:28 pm
of a stereotype, which is if you watch my season i wasn't shown very much because i conducted me self with class and dignity as my family taught me, and that did not make for the kind of person they wanted to showcase on the show. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. coming up, new reports on steve bannon and the crazy guys running the trump campaign with their crazy ideas and crazy ambitions. what are you doing right now?
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the daily beast is reporting that steve bannon was claiming to be trump's campaign manager a year before he was given a position on the trump campaign. e-mails have been obtained in which he says, quote, i'm trump's campaign manager. also last year, while he was secretly claiming to be drum's campaign manager, steve bannon was secretly planning a coup against speaker paul ryan. an e-mail obtained, the hill reports in the december 1 e-mail, breitbart's matt boyle suggested that a story promoting ryan's planned overhaul of the mental health system would be a good way to open a bridge to ryan. he wasn't in favor.
10:33 pm
spank your children more. i get that. responded boyle, but this is a place where we can open a bridge to paul ryan. we're playing the very long, long, long game, steve. replied bannon, long game is him gone by spring. joining us now, jonathan swan, national political reporter for "the hill", and charlie sikes from milwaukee. jonathan, tell us about the, about this situation with this e-mail. there's bannon saying he's a campaign manager, the year before he's hired to be the campaign manager, a year before he's officially associated with that campaign. that's one element. but at the same time, plotting to get rid of paul ryan, it seems. >> steve bannon has long fantasized about destroying paul ryan. and it's pretty clear from
10:34 pm
breitbart's coverage, you can see, they've dedicated immense resources to destroying paul ryan. they attacked him for sending his kids to a private catholic school, for building a border wall around his house and not supporting donald trump's border wall, this is the first time we've seen him give orders that he wanted ryan gone by the spring. >> rewind the tape here for a minute. they've attacked paul ryan for sending his kids to a catholic school? >> yes. >> do you want me to explain the rationale? >> you're going to have to. >> the rationale is donald trump, sorry, paul ryan opposed donald trump's muslim ban, and they said he was hypocritical for opposing a religious test on immigrants into the country, but sent his children to a school
10:35 pm
that imposed a religious test, because it was a catholic school. >> well, i have news for steve bannon and his totally insane friends. i went to a catholic school, and you did not have to be a catholic to go there. in if fact, my catholic school was the first place where i met a jewish kid, that's what those guys don't know. charlie sikes, you, you've, you're not, you're not surprised at what i'm learning tonight. you've been around this for a painfully long time for you at this point. bannon and these people, charlie, seem to me to be chaos kids, kids looking for chaos. >> yeah, it is, it is the uglyist corner of the alt-right fever swamp. and by the way, how did that work out for them, because paul ryan got 84% of the vote, but every day we have these bizarre attacks.
10:36 pm
so, you know, when donald trump names steve bannon to be the ceo of his campaign, you knew it was not going to end well. it indicated exactly where this campaign was going to go. so now we wake up this morning, and this campaign is going full breitbart. you almost cannot overstate how potentially ugly and bizarre this is. we are one speech, one rally away from donald trump, the republican nominee, going full alex jones in this campaign. he's obviously going to lose the election, but he's going to lose it ugly. and apparently the idea of burning it down. they're going to be burning down the entire republican party, if that includes wiping out the down ballot, apparently guys like steve bannon and donald trump are completely okay with that. >> the part that i don't understand is what do these people want? they sound like anarchists to my. the idea that, do they want anyone to be speaker of the house? do they want a house where there is no speaker? i just don't get at what chaotic
10:37 pm
level they want everything reduced to. >> so i've introduced a lot of people who've worked with steve bannon, and they say that his world ryu is that paul ryan is the leader of a globalist, elitist conspiracy that is trying to destroy america via open borders and free trade. so really, what he wants to do is completely, and burn it down is the right phraseology. he wants to burn it down. he wants to get rid of the republican leadership, and he wants to install people who subscribe to the donald trump jeff sessions view of the world which is that borders, deportation, basically protectiist on trade, he wants a populist republican party. and now he's really orchestrating this new campaign that's the biggest megaphone of these views. >> but charlie. >> yeah. >> bannon's campaign is on its way to what could be a landslide defeat, if they face a landslide
10:38 pm
defeat, what do they, then, think on november 9th? >> yeah, well, by the way, i think the whole unshackled, when donald trump says he's unshackled, he's unshackled to get in touch with his inner steve bannon and breitbart. they are looking for scapegoats who stabbed them in the back, was it the globalist elite, paul ryan, these folks are deep into the alternative reality. are you going to hear about the establishment undermining it, because they will never own it. they will never take personal responsibility for the disaster that they are in fact creating. >> jonathan swan, great reporting, and charlie sikes, thank you for joining us. up next, donald trump knows he can't possibly lose the election, but he does know the
10:39 pm
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last night in pennsylvania, donald trump warped his supporters that the election could be stolen from them by those voters in philadelphia. and everybody knew who he was talking about. >> i just hear such reports about philadelphia. and we have to make sure we're protected. we have to make sure the people of philadelphia are protected. that the vote counts are 100%. everybody wants that. but i hear these horror shows. i hear these horror shows. and we have to make sure that this election is not stolen from us and is not taken away from us. and everybody knows what i'm talking about. >> joining us now, eugene robinson, and he said everybody knows what i'm talking about, so that means you must know what
10:43 pm
he's talking about. >> well. >> what is he telling his audience there. >> it's that those black people in philadelphia are going to cheat. and somehow they're going to commit massive voter fraud and, you know, and that might swing pennsylvania to the democrats. well, of course, pennsylvania always goes to the democrats, but, basically, this is again, he doesn't use dog whistles anymore, he uses train clacks, and that's what he's doing here. >> this goes to the issue of i mean, hillary clinton, in order to actually be seen as winning this by the other side has to win it by some gigantic margin. anything that's even vaguely close, they're going to fall for that donald trump line. >> well, you know, i'm sure that his most loyal supporters, she could beat him by 50 points and they still wouldn't believe it.
10:44 pm
so you are never going to get that audience. there are potentially some supporters who will accept a landslide but will not accept a close election, and the rest of the country is used to accepting close elections, because that's what you usually have. so this is not a majority problem in the country, but for the, you know, what, 25, 30%, whatever of hard core trump supporters, they may never believe that he loses this election. >> let's listen to a woman who's not going to accept anything but a trump presidency. she was in a conversation with mike pence today. let's listen to this. >> i will tell you just for me, and i don't want this to happen, but i will tell you from me personally, if hillary clinton gets in, i myself am ready for a revolution, because we can't have her in. >> don't say that. >> but i'm just saying it. i'm like trump, do i not speak
10:45 pm
for people here? am i not saying the truth? >> there's a revolution coming on november 8th, i promise you. >> it's starting to look like a lot is up to mike pence if on november 9th he has not been elected vice president of the united states. the sane half of the republican party may be looking to pence to make those people understand that no, hillary clinton really is going to be president and legitimately so. >> you know, it's an interesting theory, lawrence, and it could be right, and i'm reminded of the first big election i covered, which was not in this country, it was in chile. it was the pb sight that ended up denying pinot shay another time of rule. everyone wondered if he would accept, and he was a ruling member of the hunta who came out and said, the general has lost.
10:46 pm
and thus, the whole country could accept it. so maybe mike pence could play the role that the head of the chilean air force played that night in 1988 and reassure the country of the constitutional order. >> eugene robinson, who has seen it all. thank you very much for joining us tonight, gene, appreciate it. >> very welcome. is now the trump campaign at war with the world.
10:47 pm
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10:50 pm
romney at 3%. today president obama talked about these 74% of republican lawmakers who are still supporting donald trump. >> now you've not people saying, well, we strongly disapprove. we really disagree. we find those comes disgusting. but we're still endorsing him. we still think he should be president. that doesn't make sense to me. you can't have it both ways here. you can't repeatedly denounce what is said by someone and then say, but i'm still going to endorse them to be the most powerful person on the planet. and to put them in charge. so, so i just wanted to make that point. because there are still a number of republican elected officials, some of whom i know and i'm su
10:51 pm
are embarrassed and say, wow, that was really terrible thing you said, but they can't bring themselves to say i can't endorse this guy. anyway, i wanted to make that point. let me get back on script here. coming up, big polling news in georgia, which is supposed to be a strong, reliable republican state. not anymore. donald trump is now in dire trouble there. campaign war room is next. yep.
10:52 pm
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time for tonight's campaign war room. we have breaking news from the "new york times," quote, mrs. clinton's campaign has concluded that at least two traditionally republican states, georgia and arizona are realistic targets for her campaign to win over, and republican polling has found that mr. trump is at dire risk of losing georgia, according to people briefed on the polls who spoke on condition of anonymity.
10:54 pm
today the clinton campaign war room enlisted the help of former vice president al gore in florida, which he famously lost to george w. bush after the recount was stopped going on at that time. al gore had this message for hillary clinton supporters. >> please take it from me. every single vote counts. every single vote counts. if you think your vote does not matter, take it from me, your vote can make all of the difference in this election. >> democratic turnout is also a concern for the trump war room, according to the wall street journal, donald trump intends to amplify his no-holds barred attacks against hillary clinton to depress democratic voter turnout.
10:55 pm
joining us is a veteran of bill clinton's 1992 presidential war room. this strategy by the trump campaign of depressing democratic turnout by attacking hillary clinton. in the past, attack ad strategies have been, these attack ads will convert votes to me. they aren't hoping to get the votes converted to trump votes. they just want to do attack ads that make people stay home. have we ever seen that strategy tried or have it work? >> not in the general election. part of what they're do being is that when, we know from recent elections, when fewer people vote, republicans do better. it's what happened in 2010, and 2014. when the electorate is big, it's how we win elections like we did in 2008 and 2012. it may be the only play they have at this point.
10:56 pm
they've concluded that he can't really get his numbers up any higher, so they've got to take her down. that's why they're throwing the kitchen sink at the clinton campaign with a little help from moscow, by the way. >> this news from eorgia is quite stunning. the georgia polls close at 7:00 p.m. on election night. we would have a call on georgia if it's by a substantial margin by 8:00 p.m. if we know that at 8:00 p.m., we know everything we have to know. >> the clinton campaign said they're going to try to put three additional states in play that were not won by barack obama in 2012. she's ahead in north carolina. the polling makes it look like she's ahead in arizona. but according to this report, things are going well there. she's expanding the map. she's going to make it harder for any future republican, as hard as it was for republicans to win general election, she's
10:57 pm
going to make it harder for them to do so in the future. >> one of the keys in the report is that republican polling is showing donald trump in dire trouble. that's what they're saying there. simon rosenberg, thank you for join being us. >> good do be here. >> we'll be right back. being us. sureor put themhave ston a rack.e tires. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths:
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10:59 pm
and we did not go live to the trump rally. you're welcome. but here is something you might want to hear from that rally. >> we could have this happen. we're pretty even in florida, and i'm a little disappointed, because hillary hasn't created a job, and i've created thousands of jobs in florida, so florida, if you don't vote me as a victor, i'm going to be very angry at me. don't let me down! >> well, let's see if that works. threatening the voters if they don't vote for you. i'm going to be very angry at you. that's the last word for tonight. "the 11th hour with brian williams" is live, and it is coming up next. tonight donald trump declaring war on fellow republicans saying in some ways they're worse than hillary clinton. also to nights for the first time on the campaign trail president obama addressing the
11:00 pm
trump video tape. and the votes already cast, with 27 days left before the election. the 11th hour begins now. good evening from our new york headquarters and with this campaign in the 11th hour at a late rally tonight in florida donald trump told his supporters they together will beat the system and he said the election of hillary clinton will lead to the destruction of the united states. the republican nominee has left the mother ship and is now running against the senior leaders that will appear next to him on the ballot, he took to o'reilly tonight on fox news. >> he had a conference call yesterday with congressmen hundreds of them and they


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